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 MB476 high efficient raising machine

24 roller  this machine is suitable for raising of woven fabrics and knitted fabrics of cotton, wool,synthetic fibres and relevant blends.
36 roller it is mainly suitable for surface rasing of synthetic leather basecloth(weft knitted), knitted micro suede,velet brushed which require stronger raising power ,and also suitable for cotton, woollen and synthetic fabrics. To respond flexibly to various fabic and pile requests,this machine adopted the function of adjustable drum speed and fabric tension in a large scope.

Feature :
1.Controlled by man-machine conversation and PLC, adjusted variably by inverters.
2Drum speed,fabric speed,fabric tension, speed of raising rollers can be adjusted variably in a large scope.
3.Driving V-belts of raising rollers are controlled by pneumatic, the tension of belt can be kept constant and be adjusted variably.
4.Automatic memorization of 100 sets of presetting process programmers.
5.The function of zero start,feeding fabric automatically, trouble alarm and diagnosis.
6.It is possible to create continuous raising line or raising and shearing line,the fabric tension can be kept constant between different machine.

Main technical data :
Nominal width (mm)
(m/min)Speed of fabric
7-40 6-30(variable)
Drum speed (r/min)
60-120 60-90(variable)
Number of raising roller
24 36
(mm)Roller dia
Motor power(Not include dust exhaustor) (kw)
25.7 34.7
Overall dimesions(LxWxH)(mm)
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